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Applebee's Iguatemi Campinas - review

Here are one of the best restaurants in Campinas. I can recommend them based on friend’s and critic’s opinions and in my own experience.
Applebee’s Iguatemi Campinas
- Located in:  Av. Iguatemi, 777 Shopping Iguatemi Campinas - Vila Brandina - Campinas - SP Telephone: (19)3722-2250 Sunday to Thursday, from 11h30 a.m. to 10 p.m; Friday to Saturday, from 11h30 a.m. to 00h00 p.m.

About the place

Cozy and calm during the day, and more animated for the night - despite it doesn't loose it's tranquility. The staff are very polite and attentious.

It's posible to perceive a balanced illumination and that the cleanliness is always maintained.

About the food
What to drink Caipirinha As options to drink, the restaurant offers the traditional brazilian caipirinha and it’s variations: made out of cachaça (popular distilled beverage), vodka (imported or national), saquê (japanese origin) or white wine.    Prices: from $4,23 - $7,60
Beverages Here you can find non-alcoholic options, as